An insight into foodwebs of alpine streams


Finally, the latest paper I was involved during my Masters got released: “A note on the trophic structure of alpine streams in the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming, USA” in Fundamental & Applied Limnology. The results suggest a glacial carbon signature in stream foodwebs close to the glacier. Further a longitudinal shift in carbon sources was observed in these streams, from a glacial to an instream source and finally to a allochthonous source when moving along the system. Thanks again to the whole team. Riding to the remote sites and sampling was great fun and an exciting adventure.

Welcome to my new homepage.

This web page is intended to give a quick overview about my scientific career and ongoing research as a PhD student in the Altermatt lab, working at Eawag and affiliated with University of Zurich in Switzerland. I’m an ecologist by training, focusing on freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity patterns within these habitats. Particularly, I’m studying amphipods and their diversity and distribution on a country-wide scale.