A new amphipod species from the Alps

The genus Niphargus, the most diverse subterranean amphipod genus in the western Palearctic, shows many cryptic species and homoplasy, necessitating molecular methods for understanding its evolution. In a new study, published in Contributions to Zoology, we used DNA-based taxonomy and traditional morphotaxonomy to study Niphargus bihorensis Schellenberg, 1940, from the Western Alps and Carpathians. The type material from Bihor County, Romania, revealed a cryptic species, N. absconditus n. sp., in the same area. Furthermore, we describe the Alpine populations as a new species, N. tizianoi n. sp. Our phylogenetic analyses suggest the N. bihorensis species complex is part of a well-supported clade with species ranging from Switzerland to Iran.

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